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Pet Knife Massage Therapy Events in France November 12, 2011

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July 2011

Angers, France

This dog presented with a frail and weak health condition, so the owners agreed to provide a knife massage therapy for her.

Post-session Glow

Georges Charles Tao Yin Qigong Retreat

Paulhac, France

This dog, Poki, had weakness in its right hind leg and knee, poor digestion and weak energy.

Happy dog!

After the session, Poki was energetic and happy, and immediately chased after an attractive female dog!


Knife Massage Therapy for Pets December 3, 2010

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This is an ancient tradition that helps to restore the body’s dynamic balance, for humans and pets!


Taichung Universal Animal Protection Association Event 6.20.10 June 26, 2010

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“Give them a home – Pet Adoption Event”

Many caretakers were enthusiastic about the opportunity to be able to communicate with their beloved pets and ask about their needs.

This caretaker was so pleased with the service that she brought her other dog for a reading the next day.

Chatting with a foreign local at the event.


Taipei City Government's "Love Your Pet Day" Event 4.24.10 June 25, 2010

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In April, the Prophet International Pet Communication Team participated in Taipei City Government-sponsored “Love Your Pet Day” Event at Taipei City Hall.

It was a very busy day.  Many pets and caretakers came to our booth seeking guidance, information and insight into their questions.  Commonly asked questions included:

“What was my relationship with my pet in our past lives?”

“What does my pet want to tell me?

“Is my pet happy?

The news media came to interview our Pet Team Leader, Ru Ting Yao, about reading past lives for pets.  “Discover Your Pet’s Past Lives” was our theme for the event.

We were grateful to have another opportunity to speak on behalf of pets and animals to the national media outlets.

In all our locations, we establish a positive, harmonious, comfortable energy field.  Oftentimes, the pets will get in a super-relaxed state, laying quietly in front of the reader.

We always receive several out-of-town visitors to our booths at public events.  This fellow was visiting from Italy, and took the opportunity to ask about his own life, career, relationship and future.

The event was a great success, creating many happy pets and caretakers by day’s end!


Prophet International Pet Communication Team January 27, 2010

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Bitan, Xindian, Taipei, 1.23.10

Introducing … The Prophet International Pet Communication Team!

We communicate with your beloved companions so you can understand their thoughts, feelings and desires.


1.23.10, Bitan Branch, Xindian, TaipeiThe leader of our team, Ru Ting Yao, often gets interviewed by TV and newspaper reporters in Taiwan.  She is quite well-known as Taiwan’s, and even the world’s, best Pet Communicator.  Here is she being interviewed by a newspaper reporter at our Bitan, Xindian location in  Taipei, Taiwan on January 23, 2010.

Our Prophet International Pet Communication Team showed up to support her as a team.  It was a very lively, fun event, as many cute dogs arrived too to participate and allow us to communicate with them.

Bay May reading for Pi Pi


Both Tarot and I Ching can be used for pet readings

Ming Jin reading for Tiffany

Both Tarot and I Ching can be used for readings.



Ru Ting reading for Luo Prophet’s Dog, Lucky

Lucky soul’s is a King in the dog family.



Live overseas and want a reading?  No problem, we can do readings online.

We just need a picture of your pet and its name.

Here Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee Bubbles is being read.



Here I am reading for cutie Tiffany.

Some things we learned about Tiffany:

She likes to take many baths.  (Confirmed by her caretaker.)

She likes little dark brown chewy bone snacks.

She is smart and thinks a lot.  (Confirmed by her caretaker.)

She likes to read alongside her caretaker.  (Confirmed by her caretaker.)

She doesn’t want to have babies.

and more…


Cute lil’ Tiffany

(She’s my favorite… Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone.)



For Pet Communication Readings, contact Shirley at


Communicate with Your Pet January 17, 2010

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Our Adorable Mascots!

You adore your pet ever so much.  You talk to your pet.  You confide in your pet.  You find comfort, solace and loyal friendship in your companion.  And most of all, you wonder what your pet is really thinking and feeling.  What do he or she want to tell you?  What are its needs and wants?  What are its hopes and wishes?  Now you can find out exactly what your loved one wants to say to you… Are you ready to listen?